Psychotherapy for the Heart, Mind and Soul

Kristin Keating, LCSW

Hi, I’m Kristin Keating, and this is my therapy dog, Congo.   Getting yourself to the therapist’s office for the first session is considered by some to represent about 80 percent of the journey back to your own well-being.   I tend to agree.  You’ve decided you no longer want to tough it out on your own and are willing to let someone new into your world to actually help you.  Congratulations!  That’s a very big shift in consciousness.

You may have been feeling stuck and wanting to be happier and wondering why it all seems so hard. So go ahead and take a look at the following pages and notice how you are feeling now.  Let me help you solve your problems!  Gently tune in to your heart... mind... and soul.  More hope there?  Give me a call and let’s set up a meeting... 720-371-2231.



Welcome to Heart, Mind and Soul

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