New York City, Philadelphia, PA, Longmont and Boulder, CO   Successful psychotherapy practices with adults, couples and adolescents. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), grief/loss, depression and anxiety, life transitions. Counseling experience also includes work at several Psychiatric Hospitals, Day Treatment facilities and  Nursing Homes.  Therapeutic methodologies include EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Psychodynamic, Past Life Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


MSW   Widener University, Chester, PA      1996

BFA  University of Illinois, Champaign, IL    1976

James Scholar, Grad with Honors, State Teacher’s Scholarship, Dean’s List




David Grand, PhD

EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Levels I & II

Stephen Silver, PhD and Andrew Leeds, PhD,  1998 and 2000.

Spirituality and Trauma                                                                                                                

Peter Levine, PhD, originator of Somatic Experiencing

and bestselling author of Waking the Tiger.

Past-Life Therapy Training                                                                                                          

Brian Weiss, MD,  bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters.


Trauma, Neuroscience and Psychotherapy

Bessel van der Kolk, MD, world renowned brain researcher on trauma effects.

Hakomi Somatic Institute.

Marriage Counseling and Voice Dialogue

Hal & Sidra Stone, PhD, authors of Embracing Our Selves.

Emotional Intelligence, Brain Research and Violence Prevention   

Daniel Goleman, PhD,  bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence.

The Resilient Spirit and Letting Go of an Old Self

Polly Young-Eisendrath, PhD, author of Gender & Desire: Uncursing Pandora.

The Call to Create

Linda Schierse Leonard, PhD, world renowned Jungian analyst

and bestselling author of The Wounded Woman.

Internship on Dissociative Identity Disorder Unit

Supervised by renowned author and Psychiatrist, Richard Kluft, MD.

Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA